Thursday, September 3, 2009


Wow, is really all I can say about the last week. After we lived through the anniversary of Jake's death, we were confronted once again with tragic loss. Brad's uncle Chris was killed by a drunk driver over the weekend. I have pondered all week what life is all about and how we are living it. It can change so fast. SO FAST. One phone call and our worlds as we know it can change. My heart broke for Nana and Grandpa and what I knew was ahead for them. It was just way to familiar for me, the tragic death and the loss of a son, the burial at the same place Jake is buried. It was surreal to say the least. I felt myself detaching at moments and feeling it ALL at other moments. I am rambling. I think there was a point to this. Maybe not.

I was running yesterday and I learned something about myself. I have this nike thing that goes in my ipod and tells me how far I have run and how much longer I have to go. I set it for 5k yesterday and went out and ran it and it felt good. However, the day before I set it for 3 miles and I could barely make it through it. There is something about little chunks, like 5 kilometers that is easier for me to get through than three long miles. I have learned that I can run little by little, one kilometer at a time.

Isn't that the christian life though? God gave the Israelites manna each morning, He gives us mercies new each morning. What we need for the moment we need it. It is just like grief, if we look out at how the loss is going to effect us for the rest of our lives we can get way overwhelmed. We must focus on small (1 kilometer) chunks at a time. God gives us the grace we need when we need it. That is why, I think, he tells us not to worry about tomorrow. He will handle tomorrow with us, tomorrow. Let's just worry about today with Him and ask for that extra grace to make it through whatever is troubling us today. One day at a time.


Sue said...

Beautiful lesson today Kasey and I'm so sorry for the added grief of losing a loved one at the same time of remembering your precious son. Life sure can wallop us down sometimes but you're so right that when we grasp God's mercies every day for that day, the darkness somehow seems to lift.

Blessings to you

Lelia Chealey said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'm so sorry for another loss. I had a friend killed by a drunk driver and it is just so senseless.
I'm sure that was extremely hard for you to try to sort out your emotions and heartache. So sorry.

Shauna Shaw said...

Little chunks - exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm sorry to hear about Uncle Chris.

Lady J said...

I'm so sorry, Precious Princess! My heart aches for y'all. I'm glad you're closer to your family and that y'all could be there instead of far away. I don't understand grief and I hate when it creeps up on ya. But God is faithful to bring us through the "funk" and I pray that His blanket of love overwhelms you and comforts you all. Thank you so much for sharing, even in your grief.

whimzie said...

You're so right, Kasey. And sometimes it's one minute at a time.