Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brad's CD News

September 9, 2008

The new cd is getting close to being finished. The final mixes are being done this week and the mastering probably will be done over the weekend. I hope to have it in hand by early October.

It’s going to be called Songs For The Storm. When I was praying about what to do next musically, I really had a peace about this album. It’s going to have four songs on it. Some of the songs have been sitting on the shelf for almost eight years, but now they are finally getting their voice.

I am excited to say that Matthew Fallentine was the producer, as he was on the Unseen album, Blessed Goodbye. This was a different kind of album for us. These songs have a very special place in my heart. Each one has a unique meaning to me. Check out the testimony and songs links above for more about that. This website is really to enhance the songs and give some background to the lyrics. I pray they will be a blessing and that they’ll echo the testimony of God’s faithfulness.

The cd cover is getting final touches as well, but the rough copy is to the left. My friend, Bryan Cole is helping me out with the design, as he did on the Unseen album. He’s great! Look for his links on the cd cover sleeve.

I got to listen to some of the mixes today and I honestly got chill bumps. I had some extra people singing on it as well. Listen for a girl named Bekah Ham and a friend named Richie Fike on another. Look for their information as well on the cd sleeve.

Look around and I pray you’ll be blessed.

Visit for all the info and details.


Breanne said...

Yeah - cant wait.

pondering said...

Oh hey Kacey, I have been so blog tired lately, well just life tired maybe. Feeling kind of burnt out some on life in general. Not feeling inspired at all, or awake for that matter, and I have been quite overwhelmed.
But I stopped by today, and always enjoy your blog. I hope Jake's birthday was blessed by a special touch of the grace of God for your family. Looking forward to hearing the new CD too.

pondering said...

Oh yeah, and I forgot, have a wonderful women's retreat this weekend. I know you are teaching part of it, so I will be praying for you. What a blessing to get away for a few days!
Say hi to the mountains for me.