Monday, September 15, 2008


Hello friends!

I got home last night from the women's retreat. I was so tired. It was a good tired. We worked hard all weekend and God showed up in spite of us. That is all we ask. That God moved in the hearts of the ladies. It is so different to be teaching a retreat and going to a retreat. God was faithful to me in so many more ways. I wasn't so nervous that it was miserable, glory to God. I could sound out most of the words I had to say! Glory be! God took all my long notes and prayerfully, I said only what He wanted me too. Most of all, I pray that ladies were blessed and God spoke to them through me, in spite of me.

God is so faithful. I am amazed at his love and grace for us. How undeserving we are yet, He continues to show up and move among us. I am so thankful that it doesn't depend on me. I am learning so much about Him in my new job. Most important, how to relinquish much control. I just don't have the time to control somethings. It is amazing how much I didn't rely on the Lord before.

I am so blessed that He is showing me all these things! He is so good. Please, tell me what He is showing you. What are you learning new about Him this week? What is He speaking into your heart about?


Breanne said...

I am glad it went well. I know you have to be tired. Yes, me too. Learning I have no control - you would think I woudl know that by now.

Dan & Erin said...

I thought your teachings were great. The one of Friday night really challenged me.

I've been wanting to tell you that your blog is blessing to me. I'm sort of a blog junkie and I really enjoy reading yours.

In answer to your questions, "what is God speaking to your heart about?"...the Lord really used the past week and the weekend to reveal that He is still healing past hurts and it's hard to "open those wounds" again, but I know God is faithful and He does turn ashes into beauty in such a gentle, loving way.
Hope your week is going good!
-Erin Lareau

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady K,
I love your hair! LOL! I love how God uses you and your down-to-earth sense of humor. You are so approachable and I just love it!
I too appreciated the retreat and all the blood, sweat and tears that went into it. I laughed so hard I snorted and I cried so hard the snot wouldn't stop! God showed me that when I allow Him to open my broken down palaces only He can fix me and build me up again. To see all the broken hearts and see the women sharing was amazing and made me feel at home. You are a lovely hose that gives the good stuff because God is your source!
Stay Gold,
Lady J

pondering said...

Well, I didn't get to go to the retreat this year, but I'm planning on purchasing the CD's so I can hear your teachings and all the events.
At my Bible study Saturday night God did a work there too that I was very thankful for. The struggle of raising teens alone, (I have said before, so I'm sure you know) and how I really need to rely on Him for all my strength, revival, and wisdom. I was reminded, as we studied in Matthew, the importance of needing the Holy Spirit in our lives! When things get overwhelming for me, I just want to put the pedal to the medal and plow through it as fast as possible. I stop inviting God's Spirit into my life, and try to do it all in my own flesh and as quick as possible so as to get it over with. We learned about how important it is to have God's Spirit in our lives or we are just plain unprepared for life. Without the Holy Spirit we are not equipped. I knew this, don't we all? But sometimes I forget. It was a very comforting and ministering message that God had for me that night. I'm very very thankful.
Looking forward to the retreat CD's.

Anonymous said...

I didn't make it to the retreat either, I'm looking forward to listening to the CD's. God has really been challenging me in my thinking that I am doing OK as a Christian but then I am realizing I am not as OK as I would like to think I am. He is continually desiring to do a work in my heart and the biggest challenge for me is not feeling condemned as I know that is not His heart for me. Thanks for your blog, really enjoy seeing how God is working in your life! Blessings!!