Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Give and You Shall Receive

Last night as Brad and I were headed out, we stopped by the mailbox. I love getting mail around Christmas. I love to get all the Christmas cards, to see the pictures and how big everyone has gotten and to just get an update on everyones lives. I started opening them in the car and one had a large bill wrapped around it. I was very shocked and looked at first to see if it was real. It was. I told Brad, "Look, our friends have sent us some money." The best part of the whole thing is that Brad had just dropped off an envelope for a couple in our church who had lost their job and he had sent them the same amount. I was just floored at God. He promises that He will provide our needs and that he will be our provider. I was having one of those days when life was throwing me some curves and I was wrestling with God over it all. God used that small thing to show me that He was still in control and He was handling everything. He knows all and controls all.

I will be honest, every time we put a check in the mail to someone, we don't always receive the same back and at the exact same time but God knew that last night I needed Him to show me some of Him. He did! He showed up big time.
We are really working on our hearts and our family this Christmas about what we do with our money and how much we spend on things that are useless. Our prayer is that our money would be used for those who need it and not for more toys to fulfill the flesh. It is always a struggle but Christmas is especially hard when we are so bombarded with all the "stuff" I am trying to keep control of the spending and gifts.

God is showing me that the best way to teach me and my boys about money is to give it to those in need. When we give to others, we are instantly filled with true joy and a desire to do more. I pray this season we find those in need and give to them, that we don't use this time to spoil and indulge an already indulgent heart.
As for the extra money from our friends, we are putting it towards our fund for the family to go to Peru in January. It is an expensive trip but we know that God has called us to go. It is neat to watch God provide the means for us to go and minister to a world that needs him so much.


Jean Stockdale said...

What a wonderful blog and what an awesome God we serve. I call moments like this "a kiss from the King" when God shows up in your life and reminds you that you belong to Him! Blessings

Breanne said...

That is so great. I am very emotiona right now but that realy had me crying!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Kasey and for your inspiration to think about the things that REALLY matter in our lives. We do get so caught up in our toys, and the wants in life, and we don't think often enough about the needs of others. My husband and I laid on our bed this evening and were just talking about what else to "buy" the kids, like we haven't spent enough already. We get so trapped in the things of this world and so bogged down by our wants and desires. We need to remember that it is only ours on loan and what we do for the glory of God and for eternal purposes is the only thing of lasting value. I have had friends tell me that we can never outgive God, and yet never really put my trust in Him to do this in my life. Unbelief plagues me at times, especially when it comes to our finances. I always have to be so in control. Ready to be set free from that and inspired by your heart to do the same. Thank you.