Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Boredom

I was very excited for school to end, for lazy mornings and no lunches to prepare. On day one of summer, my kids were already bored. One day and they are already complaining. So, here is my solution, a trampoline. Thanks to grandparents for graduation money and all the times they sent money for various holidays, the kids could almost get a trampoline. I helped them with the rest since I didn't want to hear "I am bored" all summer long. I must admit. This has been one of the best purchases we have made. Hours of entertainment. Worth every penny!


su said...

What fun!! I think taking a sleeping bag out there and sleeping under the stars would top it off.

I have many fond memories of jumping on tramps. With those sides it makes it so much safer (at least safer looking) than when I was a kid.

pondering said...

I loved seeing the way all your neighborhood kids played together so well with each other, and how they just went from conjoining yard to yard the whole time. What a great childhood memory that will make for your kids. You're a blessed woman!