Saturday, July 26, 2008


Ok, I am so not looking forward to the next few years with approaching teenage years. Drew has not been home from camp 2 hours and he has either slept, complained he was tired, cried because he couldn't go to Heaven Fest (a 12 hour band thing in Brighten, CO), wanted to quit football (it hasn't even started), talked on the phone in a whispered voice and holed himself in his room. Yes, life is fun around the Ewing house. My dad used to say that kids go to bed normal and wake up one day weird. I thought that was crazy till it literally happened here. I am not even sure how to handle it all.
I am at my wits end. Brad and I are dealing with what to let him and do and not do. Facebook? Cell Phones? Phone in the room? There are so many decisions that need to be made. Oh Lord, help us.
Psalms 121:1-2
I lift up my eyes to the hills—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord,the Maker of heaven and earth.


Breanne Vasquez said...

Oh man - how crazy! and scary. God will help yall know what to let him do. He is a good kid. Will be praying about.

pondering said...

I read this earlier and boy does my heart go out! I know how you feel, I'm in the thick of it myself.
I think some parents are better cut out to be parents of certain ages than others. Teens are not my gifting.
I have prayed for you actually, since I read this and thought about something good and honest to say about the matter that would be encouraging. But, I'm parenting 2 teenagers and a preteen, by myself, and sometimes it's just so overwhelming I can't find the good in it. So you can pray for me too if you think about me.
What I do want to say is, you never know what the teen years will be like for each child. Some are rougher than others. God will provide your need in the hour you need it for whatever challenges the upcoming years may bring.
I have been blessed by your heart for the Lord and your devotion to following him! I know that faithful heart you possess will pay off in parenting. There may be a few rough years where it seems like all your efforts are in vain. I'm in the midst of those right now. The middle of the tunnel where you can't see the end, or if there is a light around that bend. I'm told by so many that it is not in vain. So I will pass that on to you.
But you know, it may be smooth sailing with Drew after all. One thing I try to remember is to take it one day at at time and don't borrow the troubles of tomorrow, which is a weakness for me. So you, the same, take today as it comes and tomorrow is not here yet.
Plus we know God's word says if we raise our children in Him, when they are old they won't depart from it. I cling to that sometimes, other times I need the reminder myself.
Hang on for dear life, and make sure your grip is on the Lord. You can trust He will hold on to you and your son. And like Breanne said God will give you wisdom to know what to do. Then you also have Brad and he seems like a very supportive hubby.
As I say all this, I have to try to remember it for myself. I'm not telling you this because I've been there and back and now I'm on the other side. No, I'm still drowning in it. But I see a lot of people standing on shore telling me there is salvation yet.