Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Blessed Goodbye

Tonight, at midnight, our Directv will be cut off. No, we didn't forget to pay our bill. We purposely cut it off. I would like to officially say a blessed goodbye to my TIVO.

Goodbye to season passes of my favorite shows

Goodbye to the pause button

Goodbye to fast forwarding through commercials

Goodbye to watching whatever show you want, whenever you want

Goodbye to the time I wasted watching mind numbing junk

Goodbye to the times I heard words I shouldn't have

Goodbye to the scenes I didn't need to see

Goodbye to the issues my kids needed to know nothing about

Goodbye shows that taught me how my house needed to be up-dated, bigger, and better

Goodbye Fox news, I will miss you!


Brad said...

now that's funny.

The Craftypigs said...

why are you living without TiVo? Just curious. My husband would be all over this until August and he would die...literally die without his NFL ticket.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! TV is a huge distraction and I encourage you as you find more time to be with the Lord.