Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eyes To See

I just started Beth Moore's Psalm study this morning. This quote, along with 100 others, stuck out to me. 
"If we could only see beyond the veil of the natural world, look upon our true surroundings, see the kingdom in the distance, and behold the face of Jesus Christ, we'd realize the tragedy of ever settling into a stagnant, mediocre relationship with God." 
I am praying for eyes to see beyond the natural world. To glimpse my life in light of eternity. To see beyond the everyday and grasp the eternal value of why we are here. What really matters. 
It is so easy to get caught up in the everyday mundane things of life, the responsibilities that we have to take care of. God doesn't want us to forsake the responsibilities but to see them in light of eternity. To see them in light of the kingdom ahead. 
This is hard to do, at least it is for me. To live here but focus on the eternal value of what we are doing here. 
That everything I do, I do as unto the Lord. Even when it is dirty dishes, laundry and a pile of other things that seem to have no eternal value. 
Oh Lord, give me eyes to see you. To behold the face of Jesus. To realize what a tragedy it would be to settle into a life of a stagnant, mediocre relationship with you. Don't let me rely on the relationship we have had - to feel secure in the things I do know about you but to long for more. To seek you with all my heart. To be open to whatever it is you have for me! Be real to me. Be HUGE, let your glory fall on this house. 

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