Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ok, I am totally obsessed with Nertz. It is a card game that I just can't win. I think this is why I am obsessed with it. I just can't get to where I can win it consistently and I play it enough that I should be able to win more than I do. I had a group of ladies over for lunch today and finish up our study of 5 Aspects. Yes, we play cards after our study. My son thinks that we don't really study the Bible we just sing Jesus Loves Me while we play and count that toward Bible study. We aren't that bad.

The only reason I love it so much is it is such a challenge and I just can't "win" every time no matter what I do. It is not a game that you win every time. So you continue to play it over and over again. But when I am playing good, I get so excited. It is rather exciting around our house when the game is being played. There is lots of yelling, screaming and harassing each other. Total fun! I will usually play any time, day or night.

Why is it we always want what we can't have? It is in our sin nature. Our ladies were talking today about how women compare ourselves to each other and one of my friends commented that she usually compares and wants the things in other ladies she doesn't have. Like say, I had a friend who was good at sewing, I can't sew on a button so I long to have that trait. Comparing ourselves with each other is by far one of women's worst traits. We have all heard it said that women get dressed to impress other women, men get dressed so they won't be naked. How true it is.

Sometimes, we as women can use the things we study and learn to categorize women and grade them up and down based on our own personal score pad. How do we get past that? How do we see each other for who God made them to be and who they are striving to be and not compare ourselves to them?

It goes back to 1 Timothy 6:6 "But godliness with contentment is great gain." It goes on to say that we brought nothing into this world and we surely aren't taking anything out. But we do lack contentment. I am not content to lose Nertz so I keep playing and playing. Maybe one day, when I am a mature Christian, I will be content to just play. Right now, I am not!

Let's work on being content with where we are, what we have, and love each other for who they are and what we can learn from them. If you can't sew, find a friend who can. If you can't decorate, find one who can. If you can't win at Nertz, find new friends who are slower than you!

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pondering said...

If you want to win, play with me, that will boost your Nertz-esteem at least 10 notches.
I'm terrible at it, it's embarrassing.
but you could always win if you play me!