Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bite Back


This Friday, April 25, is World Malaria Day. And through the Bite Back campaign, people can give a one-time donation of $10 and provide a mosquito net for a child - or a family, if they’re all sleeping in the same place - who otherwise would have no protection from this completely preventable disease. That $10 will also provide education and treatment for people who are already sick with malaria.

So here’s how you can help.

Click to donate $10 that will provide a mosquito net for a child (you can donate more than that if you feel led). Each net lasts three years, so for $3.33 a year - less than a penny a day - you can save a child’s life.

Y'all are so great!

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pondering said...

and some interesting trivia...
The Bite Back campaign specifically, was started by a young college aged girl (Jeff Foxworthy's daughter). After traveling to Africa and having been provided a huge net in her hotel for her family to sleep under, she figured everyone there lived like this. Then later, visiting the slums, she saw that no one else had those nets and learned the mortality rate of malaria. Compassion already had a fund for Malaria, but she organized a more specific campaign that would more aggressively target raising funds to get a net into every home. She sees no reason why there isn't now, and expressed the senselessness in people dying all due to only the lack of a net and other simple preventions/treatments for the disease.
I think we could all agree!!!