Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"I Just Don't Think $35 is Enough to get Good, Quality Shoes!"

These are the exact words I heard from my oldest son yesterday at the sporting good store. My oldest son, who in the last month has gotten 3 new pairs of shoes. Well, make that four. I found some Nike cleats on sale at Ross for $14.99 that I just had to get him. Other than that he had to have basketball shoes, football cleats, and just plain ole' regular tennis shoes. So you can imagine our disgust when he told us that he didn't think that "$35 was enough to get good, quality tennis shoes." It was hard not to beat him over the head with the horrible-quality shoe.
So we like good parents, left. We told him that if he wanted the $44 shoes than he could get them with his own money. Oh, and that he needed to get a job! 
So, this morning I told him that after school we could go shopping WITH HIS MONEY for some "GOOD QUALITY TENNIS SHOES." He said, "It's ok, we can get the cheaper pair, they are fine." 
Can you believe it? When it is his money, the shoes are fine. When it is our money, he needs some good, quality tennis shoes. 
Here's to good quality tennis shoes, for a mere $35. 


Krystal said...

You crack me up! Do you really have to buy boys 4 pairs of shoes in one month when they get older? If so I need another job!

pondering said...

Funny funny! LOL I would have no idea about boys you know.
I also have a shoe-hog-a-holic in the family, my 16 year old daughter, and she has, (well she is a girl keep that in mind as you read this)18 pairs! LOL LOL HAHAHAHA!! Most of them are those cute little flats that are so trendy and she got them each for 5 and 6 bucks and some as give aways so thats good.
I should start calling her little Imelda Marcos.

Anonymous said...

I used to think girls were more expensive, but as we continue to raise Jalen it's obvious that he is definetly more expensive! I hear your cry! I hear it!

pondering said...

Yes you are correct, boys are more expensive, because seriously, girl shoes are like, you "need a new pair for every different outfit" kind of design. Most of the shoes girls wear, with some exceptions, are purely ornamental and won't be worn and torn as much as boys shoes. Boys shoes have more purposes that causes more long term wear, repetitive and abuse. In order to keep marketing shoes to girls they have to keep the prices low because the womens styles call for ownership of more shoes, this makes it affordable! Boys shoes have to hold up for the long haul so they get more expensive.
Like my shoe thesis? Maybe I could submit this to Harvard and see if they accept me in one of their degree programs?