Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Y'all Are The Best

I don't think I ever imagined the love and support I would receive from blog world. Each of your comments and personal e-mails have meant so much to me. I just had to tell you. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. What a blessing y'all are. I think of y'all often, throughout the day, I often say to myself, do you think they might want to know this? Or, I am wrestling through something I am learning about our God and it helps me to just get it on paper. I often start and hardly even know where it is going to end. Thanks for reading, for not minding the run-on sentences, misspelled words, or my total butchering of the English language. 
Y'all are the Best! 
MUCH love to each of you. 

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pondering said...

Well I love visiting your blog. Thank you for the prayers! Praying for you too.