Wednesday, April 2, 2008

He Comes By It Honestly!

Ok, I must admit that Drew's desire for "Good, Quality Shoes" is an inherited trait. After school yesterday we headed to Sports Authority (it is way cheaper than Dick's) to do some shoe shopping with Drew's money. Guess what, I found the best pair of Nike running shoes for him for $68. What a deal for good, quality running shoes! I kept trying to convince him that these were the shoes for him. He had $65 and I told him I would even pitch in the extra money for the difference. 
I learned yesterday that Drew is not the only one who has a problem spending other people's money. I was more than happy for him to purchase the $68 pair when he was using his OWN money. 
However, Drew was not so excited about the $68 pair - he said, they are cool looking but WAY too expensive. He settled on a less expensive pair and we left. 
Lesson learned for all of us. Buy shoes with your own money, you are much more responsible when it is your own cash you are spending! 


Anonymous said...

Can I get an Amen?


pondering said...

Wow, you have opened my eyes and I have seen the light!
I will now begin teaching my kids this new revelation.
"Mom, I need shoes".
"Honey, buy your own shoes with your own money! It's so freeing. Have fun with that!"
LOL hehehe

The Craftypigs said...

Mark Knopfler has a song named "Quality Shoe" on his Ragpickers Dream album. It's perfect! Check it out. Drew will appreciate it and so will Brad.

Anonymous said...

Um, I really like these one shoes from Dillards...they are less than those stinkin' running shoes...could you spare some change? I would appreciate it so much! I was reading this thinking "DON'T LET JASON KNOW THIS! IT COULD CHANGE EVRYTHING!" No Amens, here - from me! But Amen brother to the kid paying for his/her own shoes!